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Alaska Fresh Seafood

Dr. Andrew Weil

“If you want Wild Salmon or Alaska Fresh Seafood, you can order it online from one of my favorite sources, Vital Choice Seafood.”
The following is an excerpt from a letter we received from Dr. Weil after spending time with him touring SE Alaska:
“… One never knows whether a business is doing right to serve a market, or out of conviction. After spending time together in close quarters, talking, fishing, sharing meals, and getting to know one another, I was pleased to see that the integrity of your business is a reflection of your own personal commitment to ‘right livelihood’ and your concern for the precious and pristine nature of the region.”
“It is now even clearer to me that you take great care in selecting your products and partners, to ensure the highest standards of culinary quality, nutritional value, and environmental sustainability.”
Best regards,
Andrew Weil, M.D.
Dr. Weil is the author of several NYT bestsellers, including The Healthy Kitchen, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Spontaneous Healing, Women’s Health, Natural Remedies, and Healthy Aging

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